Latino Victory: The SOTU is Horrible for Latinos Under President Trump

Washington, D.C. — Ahead of tonight’s State of the Union address — where President Trump most certainly will use his bully pulpit to attack immigrants and to misguide the American people about his record — we’re once again reminded that the state of the union is horrible for Latinos under President Trump. 

Here are a few ways Latinos continue to lose with Donald Trump: 

  • Access to quality and affordable health care is under constant threat and fewer and fewer Latinos are getting covered under the ACA 
  • Prescription drug prices have skyrocketed for Latinos 
  • Wages have remained stagnant for Latinos, forcing our community to work two or three more jobs to make ends meet 
  • DACA recipients’ livelihoods are jeopardized every single moment Republicans in Congress fail to protect them 
  • Venezuelans continue to be deported back to the dictatorship they fled because this administration continues to deny them Temporary Protected Status
  • Children have been separated from their parents and sent to detention centers where they have been placed in cages and in horrific conditions
  • Twenty-four immigrants, including children, have died under ICE custody
  • The Trump administration has shut the door to asylum seekers from Central America and Cuba
  • Trump continues blocking billions of dollars in disaster aid for Puerto Rico 
  • Under the watch of this administration, hate crimes targeting Latinos have spiked 

Latino Victory Fund Executive Director Mayra Macías issued the following statement: 

“The state of the union is horrible for Latinos under President Trump. Whether it be health care, jobs and the economy, or our broken immigration system, the Latino community is one that loses the most with every passing day Trump is in office. Trump will try to use the State of the Union to disguise his abhorrent record, but Latino voters will not be fooled. Just like his presidency, this speech will also be a farce. Ever since Trump was elected, the Latino community has been targeted by this administration, emboldening white supremacists to literally hunt us down. We know the stakes are too high for our community because if Trump wins, we lose.” 

Macías added: “Make no mistake: with Latinos at the brink of becoming the largest non-white ethnic voting bloc, we will be the reason our nation’s electorate gives President Trump the biggest defeat of his life. We will not let Donald Trump continue hurting our community any longer.” 

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Last year, the Latino Victory Fund launched a digital campaign in English and Spanish, exposing how President Trump’s policies are hurting Latinos across the country. The “” microsite focuses on six issues where Latinos are set to lose the most if Trump is re-elected: Health care, the economy, education, immigration, the environment and the Puerto Rico recovery.