Latino Victory Fund Congratulates Andrea Salinas for Her Victory in Oregon’s 6th Congressional District Primary Race

Washington, D.C. – Latino Victory Fund congratulates Andrea Salinas for being elected as the Democratic nominee for the Oregon 6th Congressional District race. The race was officially called on Friday by the Associated Press. Salinas would be the first Latina elected to Congress in Oregon if she wins in November. 

Latino Victory Fund President and CEO Nathalie Rayes released the following statement:

“Latino Victory proudly congratulates Andrea Salinas on her primary victory in Oregon’s 6th Congressional District, which is a critical step forward for Latina representation on the ballot and in Congress. Andrea has served the people of Oregon as a state legislator fighting for worker’s rights, environmental protection protections and reproductive rights. She is more than prepared to represent the 6th Congressional District on Capitol Hill and use her voice for Oregonians, Latinas, and a country in need of more diverse voices in elected office.

“Andrea’s victory in one of the most highly contested Democratic primaries in the country is a positive sign for Latina candidates across the country who are working hard for their communities and raising their hands to run for office up and down the ballot. Latino Victory Fund is thrilled to support Andrea’s candidacy, and we’re ready to help her win in November.” 

Latino Victory’s endorsement is part of the organization’s efforts to increase the Latina bench in Congress. Latinas are currently less than 3 percent of the members of Congress, and in the U.S. House, only 13 out of the 435 voting members are Latina/Hispanic. Oregon’s 6th Congressional District’s Latino population is over 20 percent. 

Meet Andrea Salinas 

  • Salinas is the daughter of a Mexican immigrant and a mother. Salinas was appointed to represent House District 38, in 2017.  
  • She was successfully elected to the seat in 2018 and re-elected in 2020. After joining the Oregon House Salinas quickly ascended into House leadership and has been a champion for women and working families. 
  • Salinas successfully fought for protections for women janitors who were being abused by their employers and passed some of the nation’s most transparent drug-pricing laws, so families aren’t choosing between food and prescription drugs. 
  • Salinas also passed laws curbing carbon pollution and phasing out dirty coal, as well as the strongest reproductive rights law in the country. Before joining the Legislature, Salinas worked as a lobbyist for progressive causes, including environmental and health care issues.

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