Latino Victory Fund: Trump’s 2024 Candidacy is a Threat to Democracy and the Latino Community

Washington, D.C. – Latino Victory Fund Managing Director Yvonne Gutierrez issued the following statement on Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential announcement today: 

“Donald Trump’s candidacy for president is a threat to our democracy. He has made a mockery of our political system and inflicted irreparable damage on our country by spreading hate and racism and attacking our democratic institutions. The election denier-in-chief and twice-impeached president is a failed politician who thinks he can win with his toxic Trumpian brand of politics when he’s really a three-time loser. 

“Since day one, Trump has done nothing but attack the Latino community and incite hatred and violence against immigrant communities. It’s no coincidence that Latinos turned out to reject him and Republican candidates in this midterm election—they do not want Trumpian candidates running our country to the ground. Latinos are tired of his hate and lies, and they know how dangerous Trump is to our community and country. Latinos know extremism and racism when we see it, and just as we rejected him in 2018, 2020, and 2022—we will vote to kick him to the curb in 2024.”