Latino Victory Project Commits to Working with Partners to Advance Immigration Reform

WASHINGTON, DC – Latino Victory Project president Cristóbal Alex recommitted to working with partners and allies to make immigration reform a reality for millions of Latinos in the following statement:

“Latino Victory Project has no intentions of working with any organization on immigration reform that believes we should get rid of DACA or DAPA. Unfortunately, despite Daniel Garza’s claim that he would like to work with Latino Victory Project on this issue, LIBRE Initiative’s stances on this issue are unacceptable and they do not represent the best interest of the Latino and immigrant communities. The fact is, LIBRE is trying to find their voice in this space because they know it is key to winning in November and are unable to do so based on the rhetoric they assert within our community.

Latino Victory Project will continue working with other partner organizations that have a proven record of working hard to advance this issue, rather than just using it for political gain.”

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