Latino Victory Project Marks Latina Equal Pay Day by Calling on Elected Officials and Business Leaders to Take Action to Close the Wage Gap

Washington, D.C. – Today is Latina Equal Pay Day, which acknowledges the wide pay gap that Latinas face in the United States. Latinas earn approximately 57 cents per every dollar a non-Hispanic white man makes, which means that December 8 is the day when Latinas make the same amount a non-Hispanic man made the previous year. Nathalie Rayes, president and CEO of Latino Victory Project released the following statement:

“Latinas are a powerhouse economic force in the country, and they’re among the fastest-growing populations in the labor force. Yet they continue to face the biggest disparity that robs them of their hard-earned wages. Every worker deserves to earn equal pay, and Latina Equal Pay Day is a harsh reminder that our country still has a long way to go to ensure Latinas receive their fair share for their work. It’s a known fact that equality wasn’t promised for all when our country was founded, but we can continue fighting for it. Today and every day, we demand equal pay for Latinas and call on our elected officials and business leaders to commit to eradicating the pay gap Latinas face. We commend the communities, activists, and labor unions on the front lines of the fight for equal pay and workers’ rights and pledge to support them in this fight.”