Latino Victory Project Statement on President Biden’s New Actions to Keep Families Together and Strengthen the Economy

Washington, D.C.— President Biden announced actions to keep families together, which would allow U.S. citizens’ spouses and children who are non-citizens to apply for lawful permanent residence without leaving the country and expand work visa access for certain DACA recipients. Latino Victory Project President & CEO Sindy M. Benavides issued the following statement in response: 

“We commend President Biden for his bold actions to keep families together and to allow more DACA recipients to contribute their skills and talents to the U.S. workforce. These actions send a powerful message that reinforces the positive economic impact that immigrants have on our country. We’ve seen the callous disregard for family unity shown by MAGA Republicans and their support for family separation, and it’s a stark contrast to President Biden’s actions to support family unity. President Biden’s actions are a significant step forward, but it’s up to Congress to provide a permanent fix to our broken immigration system and pass a fair and humane, comprehensive immigration reform.” 

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