Latino Victory Project Statement on The President’s Decision to Delay Executive Action on Immigration: LVP Calls on Latinos to Mobilize, Register and Vote

[WASHINGTON]—In response to a weekend announcement that President Obama would delay Executive Action on Immigration, Cristóbal Alex, President of Latino Victory Project, released the following statement:

“The President’s decision to delay action on immigration is extremely disappointing to everyone who fights for human and civil rights in this country. Inaction on immigration reform continues to break up families, shatter dreams of opportunity and prohibits our ability to move forward as a nation. We recognize that ultimately Congress must pass immigration reform, and that House Republican leadership has blocked progress. The inability of Congress to pass reform and the President’s delay make clear that our community has yet to realize its full political power. This unfortunate debate with finger-pointing and continued political infighting has only strengthened our resolve to mobilize Latinos to vote and bring the immigration issue to the forefront of America’s policy agenda. It is therefore crucial that we have more candidates and office holders on both sides of the aisle who share our values and fight to move our agenda forward so that we avoid the political showmanship and gridlock that has plagued immigration reform efforts.

“Electing Latinos and developing a leadership pipeline that includes local, state and national leaders keeps a focus on the needs of our community, regardless of which way the political winds are blowing. Immigration is important to our community as are the issues all Americans discuss around the dinner table: access to clean air and water, jobs, affordable health care and a better future for our children. The urgency of immigration reform is as strong as ever so we will continue to support voter registration initiatives and encourage our friends and our family members to vote in November so that we are in the position to implement the changes we seek.”

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The Latino Victory Project, co-founded by Eva Longoria and Henry R. Muñoz III, is an ambitious, non-partisan effort to build political power within the Latino community to ensure the voices of Latinos are reflected at every level of government and in the policies that drive our nation forward. The Latino Victory Project develops leaders for public office while building a permanent base of Latino donors to support them. Partnering with leading organizations, it shapes public policy that reflects the growing influence of the Latino community while also building cross-constituency alliances that can move the country forward.

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