During the 2020 election cycle, Latino Victory executed several programs to elect progressive Latino candidates and turn out Latino voters in key battleground states. With 32 million eligible voters, Latinos were the largest non-white ethnic voting bloc in the 2020 election cycle. At the start of the cycle, Latino Victory said the path to the White House would run through the Latino vote and thanks to our efforts, Latinos Latinos turned out in record numbers across the country. Below is an outline of our 2020 programming. 

Our Champions

Latino Victory Fund’s first-ever incumbent protection program. Our Champions program focused on protecting newly elected Latino members that flipped some of the nation’s most competitive districts from red-to-blue in 2018. Our Champions were:

  • Rep. Antonio Delgado, NY-19
  • Rep. Gil Cisneros, CA-39
  • Rep. Mike Levin, CA-49
  • Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, FL-26
  • Rep. Xochitl Torres Small, NM-02

First Latinas

#FirstLatinas was Latino Victory Fund’s program focused on supporting trailblazing Latina candidates with the goal of electing many more #FirstLatinas to Congress, state legislatures, city councils, and school boards. Through this program, Latino Victory played a critical role in electing the first Latina elected in Arizona statewide amongst many others.

Latinos Con Biden

Shortly after becoming the first national Latino organization in the country to endorse President Joe Biden, Latino Victory Fund launched Latinos Con Biden — a robust coordinated effort aimed at amplifying and highlighting President Biden through strategic programming including virtual events, phone banks, and social media campaigns. 

Presidential Mobilization Efforts – Independent Expenditures

Sample: Arizona radio

Latino Victory Fund was at the forefront of increasing Latino support for Joe Biden by launching culturally competent, Spanish-language radio, TV and digital mobilization efforts in key battleground states. We invested over $9 million in the 2020 election cycle towards our efforts in support of President Joe Biden.

Down-ballot Mobilization Efforts – Independent Expenditures

Latino Victory Fund ran 17 independent expenditures for our candidates during the primary and general elections totaling over $1 million. Efforts were centered on using culturally competent messaging on TV, radio, digital, live calls, and SMS programs to Latino voters in our candidates’ districts.

Con Tu Voto 

Con tu Voto was Latino Victory Project’s bilingual digital Latino mobilization campaign focused on providing Latino voters with the tools to make a plan to vote early or vote by mail. Con tu Voto’s target states were Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona, North Carolina, and Wisconsin, all states that saw an increase in Latino voter turnout


#VoteLikeAMadre was Latino Victory Project’s nonpartisan campaign focused on mobilizing millions of Latina moms to “pinky promise” their kids that they would vote for candidates with bold climate plans this election. #VoteLikeAMadre targeted Latinas in Arizona, Florida, and Texas with bilingual, culturally-competent digital and radio ads. Through a coalition of several of the most prominent Latino voter mobilization organizations (Chispa – LCV, Alianza for Progress, New Florida Majority, Poder Latinx and Mi Familia Vota), the campaign reached 5 million Latinas up to 20 times a week in the last two months before the election. 

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