Latino Victory

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Latino Victory?

Latino Victory is an organization dedicated to building political power in the Latino community to ensure that the voices and values of Latinos are represented at every level of government and in the policies that drive our nation forward.

Latino Victory is the only national Latino organization that is a 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), and Super PAC. This gives the organization the ability to engage at every level. From voter education to independent expenditures, and everything in between, Latino Victory is able to engage our community in ways that allow us to build Latino political power like no other organization.

Join us in building Latino political power at every level of government by:

  • Joining our National Committee
  • Making a recurring contribution to sustain this work
  • Joining our email list to stay involved!

As the only Latino organization that is a 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), and a hybrid PAC, Latino Victory’s contribution limits vary depending on the entity that you choose to support. The contribution limits are as follows:

  • You can contribute up to $5,000 to the Latino Victory Fund federal PAC
  • There are no limits as to how much you can contribute to our Latino Victory Fund Super PAC
  • There are no limits to how much you can contribute to the Latino Victory Project, our 501(c)(4)
  • There are no limits to how much you can contribute to the Latino Victory Foundation, our 501(c)(3), and these donations are tax deductible

Stay up to date with us by joining our mailing list to receive newsletters, invitations to events and information on how you can participate in Latino Victory events and programs.

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Latino Victory Fund, our political arm, supports progressive Latino candidates. To be considered for endorsement and support from the Latino Victory Fund, candidates must:

  • Identify as Latino/Latinx/Hispanic;
  • Demonstrate a commitment to supporting progressive values, including: a vibrant economy that provides jobs with a living wage, a clean and safe environment, access to health care and high-quality education, an inclusive democracy, comprehensive immigration reform including a pathway to citizenship; commitment to reproductive freedom, LGBTQ equality, and racial equity. 

The Latino Victory Foundation, our non-partisan research, leadership development and civic engagement arm, accepts tax deductible donations.

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