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How to become an endorsed candidate 

Latinos make up 18% of the population, but only one percent of all elected officials. Latino Victory Fund is committed to increasing Latino representation in government so that it is commensurate with our population growth. To that end, Latino Victory Fund supports progressive Latinos candidates at every level of office for the purpose of building a more reflective government. Endorsements are based on a series of criteria, including the candidate’s values, viability, and the organization’s strategic objectives.

Endorsement Criteria

The Latino Victory Fund endorses candidates for local, state, and federal elective offices. While Latino Victory Fund’s endorsement is based on several factors, to be considered for an endorsement, candidates must:

  • Identify as Latino/Latinx/Hispanic;
  • Demonstrate a commitment to supporting progressive values, including a vibrant economy that provides jobs with a living wage, a clean and safe environment, access to health care and high-quality education, an inclusive democracy, comprehensive immigration reform including a pathway to citizenship; commitment to reproductive freedom, LGBTQ equality, and racial equity. 
  • Demonstrate community support and a realistic path to victory;
  • Align with Latino Victory’s strategic priorities and states

Endorsement Process

The first step in the endorsement process is completing the Endorsement Inquiry form which can be found here. Upon submission of this form, candidates will receive an email from Latino Victory Fund’s staff with next steps and additional guidance.

Apply for an Endorsement

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