Latino Victory Fund Congratulates Adrian Fontes for Winning the Democratic Primary for Arizona Secretary of State 

Washington, D.C. – Tonight, Latino Victory Fund congratulated Adrian Fontes for winning the Democratic nomination for Arizona secretary of state. 

Statement from Nathalie Rayes, President and CEO of Latino Victory Fund:

“Our country needs more leaders like Adrian who will fight to protect our voting rights and electoral integrity, which are critical to saving our democracy.  Arizona is ground zero in our fight to preserve our free and fair elections system. Adrian has been on the frontlines in Arizona’s elections, expanding voter access and implementing high safety measures as Maricopa County recorder.  He cares deeply about Arizonans’ right to vote and make their voices heard at the ballot box. 

“This November, Arizonans will choose between a GOP extremist and election denier who will harm our electoral system or Adrian Fontes, a Marine veteran who will protect Arizonan’s voting rights and make elections safer, more transparent, and accessible.  With such high stakes on the line, it’s clear that Adrian is the right choice and the leader Arizona—and our country—needs to lead the fight to safeguard our nation’s democracy.” 

In 2016, Fontes was elected Maricopa County Recorder, becoming the first Democrat to hold the Recorder’s office in 50 years and the first-ever Latino to hold elected office in Arizona’s largest county. Fontes is now running in a top-of-ticket race in a state where Latino voter turnout will play a key role in races up and down the ballot. Arizona’s Latinos are 31 percent of the population and 23 percent of the state’s eligible voters.