Latino Victory Fund Endorses Seven State and Local Democratic Candidates in Battleground Texas

Hispanic candidates in Texas will be key in mobilizing the Latino vote to turn Texas blue and help flip the Texas State House of Representatives. 

Washington, D.C. — Latino Victory Fund announced the endorsement of seven Democratic down-ballot candidates in Texas, signaling the organization’s commitment to flipping this critical battleground state blue in the November election, including the Texas House of Representatives.

The endorsed candidates are Joanna Cattanach, House District 108; Eric Holguin, House District 32; Natali Hurtado, House District 126; Jennifer Ramos, House District 119; Ana-Maria Ramos, House District 102; Lorenzo Sanchez, House District 67; and Carlos Gallinar, mayor, El Paso.

“Texas’ Hispanic voters showed up in 2018 and demonstrated that Texas is in play in 2020. We must up the ante on candidate support and voter mobilization,” said Nathalie Rayes, Latino Victory Fund president & CEO. “Our Texas slate of candidates reflects the communities they represent, and having them on the ballot will help boost Hispanic voter engagement and turnout. Their experience in public service and community advocacy is needed in the Texas House. Latino Victory is ready to stand up with our Texas slate to ensure they win big and turn Texas blue in November.”  

The candidate slate includes potential historic wins in November. These include the first openly gay Latino elected to the Texas State Legislature, two first Latinas elected in their respective districts, and three red-to-blue seats that may help the Democrats take control of the Texas House of Representatives. Latino Victory’s first Texas state legislature endorsement in this election cycle was State Rep. César Blanco, who is running for Texas Senate District 29.

Candidate Races and Fast Facts:

Joanna Cattanach, House District 108;

  • If elected, Joanna would be the first Latina to represent House District 108 in the Texas House of Representatives.

  • Texas House District 108 is located in Dallas County and comprises Preston Hallow, University Park, Highland Park, Uptown, Downtown, Deep Ellum and East Dallas.

Eric Holguin, House District 32

  • If Eric is elected, he would be the first openly gay Latino and the first gay man of color elected to the Texas legislature.

  • District 32 is a red-to-blue district, and it comprises Corpus Christi and Port Aransas in Nueces County and is over 53% Latino.

Natali Hurtado, House District 126

  • Natali Hurtado would be the first Latina to represent Texas House, District 126 if she is elected.

  • Hurtado’s district is a red-to-blue district and it is located in Houston.

Jennifer Ramos, House District 119 (Run-off Election: July 19, 2020)

  • Texas House District 119, which is over 60% Latino, is in Bexar County and is composed primarily by the City of San Antonio, as well Live Oak, Converse, China Grove and Universal City.

Ana-Maria Ramos, House District 102

  • Texas House District 102 includes the City of Dallas and three surrounding suburbs. The district is approximately 40% immigrant, and almost a third of its residents identify as Latino.

Lorenzo Sanchez, House District 67 (Runoff Election-July 19, 2020)

  • Texas House District  67 is a red-to-blue district and it comprises Plano, Allan, Richardson and Dallas and Collins County. The district is one of the top targets in the state to flip the Texas House, and it’s  16% Hispanic.

Carlos Gallinar, Mayor, El Paso

  • Carlos Gallinar is running to be the first Latino mayor of El Paso in over twenty years. The city of El Paso is overwhelmingly Latino with 82% of the population identifying as Hispanic.

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