Latino Victory Fund Endorses Texas Down-Ballot Candidate Slate

Washington, D.C. – Latino Victory Fund announced the endorsement of three down-ballot candidates in Texas, a key battleground state where the organization is working to mobilize the Latino vote. 

The candidates are Victoria Neave, House of Representatives, District 107; Brandy Chambers, House of Representatives, District 112; and Celina Montoya, House of Representatives, District 121. 

“Texas is a battleground state this year in part because our Democratic state House candidates are playing a key role in flipping seats and mobilizing Latino voter turnout,” said Nathalie Rayes, Latino Victory Fund president & CEO. “These Latina candidates are breaking barriers and getting work done in the state legislature, and we’re proud to throw our full support behind their candidacies. Latino Victory is ready to stand up with our Texas slate to ensure they win big and turn Texas blue in November.”  

The candidate slate is part of Latino Victory’s commitment to help flip Texas’ state legislature—the Democrats picked up 12 seats in 2018 and are 9 seats away from flipping the House. The organization supports Texas down-ballot candidates to increase Latino representation in state legislatures and mobilize the Latino electorate to help Democratic candidates at the top of the ticket. Texas’ Latino population is 40 percent and there are 5.6 million eligible voters , which accounts for 30 percent of the voter share.

Victoria Neave, Texas, Texas House of Representatives 107

  • Neave is running for reelection to the Texas House, District 107. She unseated a Republican in the 2016 election. During her two sessions in the Texas Legislature, she has passed the language of 16 bills into law. Her top priorities include securing resources for working families and small businesses for Covid-19 recovery, health care access and justice for survivors of sexual and domestic violence. 

Brandy Chambers, Texas House of Representatives,  District 112

  • If Chambers wins, she would be the first Latina elected to Texas House District 112 and the first Democrat elected in over 30 years. 

Celina Montoya, Texas House of Representatives, District 121

  • If Montoya wins, she would make history as the first Latina, first Democrat, and the youngest person to represent Texas House District 121.


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