Latino Victory Fund Launches Bilingual Digital Campaign “Trump Wins, We Lose” to Expose How President Trump’s Policies Hurt Latinos

Washington, D.C. — Ahead of tonight’s Democratic presidential debate, Latino Victory Fund launched a new digital campaign in English and Spanish, exposing how President Trump’s policies are hurting Latinos across the country. The “” microsite focuses on six issues where Latinos are set to lose the most if Trump is re-elected: Health care, the economy, education, immigration, the environment and Puerto Rico’s recovery efforts.

This website provides insights and data points on how Trump’s dangerous policies are having a devastating impact on the Latino community. With Latinos becoming the largest non-white voting bloc in 2020, candidates must be able to speak to our issues and make their case on how they’re going to improve the livelihoods of Latinos.

“Latinos simply cannot afford four more years of President Trump and congressional Republicans controlling Washington D.C. His policies are detrimental to our community, and we’re the ones losing the most if Trump gets re-elected,” said Latino Victory Fund Interim President Melissa Mark-Viverito. “ Wages are not keeping up with the cost of living. Health insurance costs keep rising as Trump and Republicans in Congress work to limit access to affordable health care. And the rich are getting richer at the expense of working people. On issue after issue, Trump has failed America’s hardworking families. Latino voters know what’s at stake this election, and they are ready to vote Trump out in 2020.”

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