Latino Victory Fund Statement on the First Presidential Debate

Washington, D.C.—Latino Victory Fund President & CEO Sindy M. Benavides issued the following statement following the first 2024 presidential debate: 

“Tonight, Americans heard from two candidates for president. One represents character and commitment; the other represents corruption and chaos. 

President Biden has demonstrated he is fighting for our democracy, progress for all Americans, and policies that strengthen the Latino community. Donald Trump is fighting for Donald Trump.

In his first term, President Biden has delivered for all Americans, creating millions of jobs, reducing the cost of healthcare, and helping the United States recover from the worst pandemic in generations. He understands that it’s working people, including Latinos, who drive our economy and our country. 

President Biden’s policies give Latinos the best shot at a better future. Trump has called for mass deportation of immigrants – a stain on our democracy and a dangerous policy that will destroy our economy.  Trump couldn’t go 90 minutes without insulting and spewing lies about immigrants—calling them terrorists and saying they come from mental institutions and jails. It’s unacceptable, dangerous and un-American. 

Trump’s chaos and division are simply no match for President Biden’s character. We saw this in the debate tonight, and we will continue to see this through Election Day when Americans vote to re-elect President Biden for four more years.”


The Latino Victory Fund is a progressive political action committee with the mission of growing Latino political power by increasing Latino representation at every level of government—from the county board to the Senate to the White House. 

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