LVF Statement on RNC Hispanic Media Director who Says “Trump isn’t Racist​”

Washington DC – During a disappointing interview with Jorge Ramos on Univision’s show Al Punto, Helen Aguirre – Hispanic Media Director for the Republican National Committee – defended Trump and his anti-Latino and anti-immigrant comments. Helen went as far as to say that Trump “is not racist.”

Besides being the main Latina spokesperson for the RNC, Helen is also on the board of trustees for Miami Dade College – one of the country’s largest and most diverse community colleges with a large DREAMer population. Helen has come under fire from local dreamers who are asking for her resignation from the board, arguing that Helen cannot represent them while also working to elect Donald Trump.

“It is maddening and sad to see someone like Helen lie to our community and work to defend and elect a racist bigot like Donald Trump. Just a few months ago, Helen was one of Trump’s biggest critics, but now that she’s on the RNC’s payroll she is his biggest supporter and is lying to our community about his actions and what he represents,” said Pili Tobar, Advocacy and Communications Director for Latino Victory Fund. “Trump isn’t trying a new approach to appeal to Latinos, he’s only interested in demonizing us and attacking us; he can’t even treat us with the dignity and respect that we deserve. Latinos have no doubt that Trump is a hypocritical, opportunistic, racist and that a Trump presidency would be devastating for our community. Shame on Helen for standing with Trump ahead of the Latino community and of the diverse MDC student body that she purportedly represents. Helen has to pick between defending Trump and what he stands for, or the values promoted at MDC, she can’t have it both ways. Latinos are listening and in November we will hold accountable Trump and anyone who supports him.”

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