Ricky Hurtado – North Carolina House District 63

Latino Victory’s theory of change is that when Latino candidates are on the ballot, Latinos will turn out to vote. Our candidates serve as the entry point in the political process and often are the first campaign to engage with Latino voters. To that end, the Latino Victory Fund strives to provide wrap-around services to our candidates to best position them to win. Our work with Ricky Hurtado serves as an example of our theory of change in action. 

“I want the 21,000 Latinos in Alamance County to know they’re very much part of the conversation here…”

— Ricky Hurtado to the Associated Press

Work with Ricky:

  • Identified his candidacy early in the cycle 
  • Helped him secure surrogates
  • Donated directly to his campaign and bundled money for his campaign
  • Provided weekly strategic guidance and support
  • Hosted a fundraiser 
  • Ran an independent expenditure 

The results? 

  • Ricky Hurtado became the first Latino Democrat in the state elected to the North Carolina State House of Representatives.
  • Latino turnout increased across the state. 
  • Hurtado’s campaign outreach was centered on the Latino community — they spoke directly to Latino voters. 
  • The Latino community was centered in his campaign and directly spoken to. 
  • Democrats flipped a seat from red-to-blue.

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