Cynthia Guerrero

San Francisco, CA

Cynthia V. Guerrero brings the highest caliber of expertise to California Strategies’ clients with unmatched advocacy experience specifically relating to the technology sector. She provides clients with policy and political strategy guidance and works collaboratively with them to achieve goals and overcome any crisis.

Guerrero, over years, has strengthened her working relationships with California’s Congressional Delegation and often advocates on behalf of client interests in Washington, D.C. This same level of service is demonstrated for clients looking for legislative solutions on the state and local level.

She works tirelessly in Silicon Valley advising world-renowned companies on how to navigate the state and federal government’s legislative and regulatory process which often trails innovation. Additionally, Guerrero provides valuable strategic counsel for Tech Startup companies looking to compete in California’s competitive technology sector.

Guerrero’s political acumen also includes a deep understanding of the banking, finance and investment securities industries making her uniquely qualified to provide clients with keen insight on legislative or regulatory challenges that directly affect the corporate bottom line.

Previously, Guerrero founded CG Consulting Group, Inc., in 2003. There, she dedicated her time ensuring client success by strategically navigating the legislative process and overcoming regulatory hurdles at the federal or state level. Primarily focusing on the technology sector, her 20-year experience in tech policy and finance has distinguished her as one of well-known advisors in the industry.

Prior to returning to her private practice, Guerrero served as the California Director for TechNet, the leading bipartisan political network of CEOs that promotes growth of the innovation economy. Guerrero nurtured long-term relationships between technology leaders and policymakers both on the state and federal levels and on both sides of the aisle promoting advancements in technology.

She serves on the Board of Visitors for Pepperdine University, School of Public Policy, The San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce and on the National Board of Directors for New Leaders Council.

Before joining TechNet, Cynthia worked with various state legislators, public officials, Members of Congress and the U.S. Senate providing political strategy and campaign services. Her understanding of politics at the different levels of government is one respected by elected officials and colleagues in both Sacramento and on Capitol Hill.

Cynthia worked at the Rand Corporation and in the investment securities industry for top firms such as Credit Suisse First Boston Technology Group, Barclays Global Investors, and Merrill Lynch.

Cynthia has her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with an emphasis in Pre-Law and a minor in English Literature from Mount St. Mary’s University in Los Angeles. She graduated with a master’s degree in Public Policy specializing in Economics and International Relations from Pepperdine University.

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