Latino Victory Fund Announces Georgia Candidate Slate 

Washington, D.C.—Latino Victory Fund announced the endorsement of four Georgia state and county candidates, as part of the organization’s efforts to strengthen Latino representation in the state and help mobilize Latino voters ahead of the presidential election. 

The candidates are Laura Murvartian, Georgia House of Representatives, HD-48; Saira Draper, Georgia House of Representatives, HD-90; Brunessa Drayton, Cobb County Superior Court Clerk; Jerry Ramos Arce, Hall County Sheriff.

Statement on Laura Murvartian by Sindy M. Benavides, Latino Victory Fund President & CEO: 

“Laura is a leading force in Georgia’s Latino and business communities—as an accomplished small business owner, non-profit founder, and an advocate for the arts. Laura’s business acumen, fierce dedication to uplifting her community and strengthening the business sector and the arts will bring a new perspective to the Georgia House of Representatives. She’s a strong candidate who can break a barrier for Latinos in this district by becoming the first Latina elected to this seat. Her focus on lowering healthcare costs, restoring reproductive freedom, and strengthening the economy will improve the quality of life for Georgia’s Latino families. Latino Victory Fund is proud to join the many Georgia progressive and Latino organizations and elected officials to stand with Laura in this key race for Georgia’s Democrats and Latinos.” 

Statement on Saira Draper by Sindy M. Benavides, Latino Victory Fund President & CEO: 

Now more than ever, we need more state legislators dedicated to fighting for voter rights and access, and who believe in defending our civil rights, not in rolling them back. Saira has fought to protect voter rights and voting access, and has the chops to defend civil rights, and win. As a state legislator, she’s advocated for policies to support Georgia’s working families, including expanding economic opportunity, improving public schools, advocating for climate and environmental justice, and protecting reproductive freedom. At a time when reproductive rights are being obliterated in state legislatures, and when civil rights are threatened for immigrants and many vulnerable communities, we need more voices like Saira to break through the attacks and usher in a defense like never before. Latino Victory Fund is proud to support Saira Draper for re-election.” 

Statement on Brunessa Drayton from Sindy M. Benavides, Latino Victory Fund President & CEO: 

“Electing more Latinas in county seats is key to ensuring Latinos are represented in the governing bodies that have such close contact with their constituents in their day-to-day lives. We’re proud to endorse Brunessa Drayton for Cobb County Superior Court because she’s experienced and has the passion for public service we need in county halls across the country. As Chief Assistant to the Cobb County Chair of the Board of Commissioners, she helped lead her community through the challenges the county faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Georgia’s Latino community is growing into a powerful force and it is imperative that we work to grow the pipeline of Latino representatives, from county levels to the state and federal. Brunessa’s candidacy is also historic because she would be the first Afro-Latina elected to this position, and Latino Victory is committed to increasing representation for this key demographic. She’s part of the growing Afro-Latina leaders running for office and building the bench of Latinos elected to public office, while also making the government more reflective of our multi-ethnic, multicultural backgrounds.” 

Statement on Jerry Ramos-Arce from Sindy M. Benavides, Latino Victory Fund President & CEO: 

“Jerry’s extensive experience in public service and the United States Marines are key attributes that make him a formidable candidate to serve as Hall County Sheriff. Hall County’s communities deserve leaders in law enforcement who will make their safety and well-being a priority. Jerry’s number one focus will be the community, and he will work to make the Hall County Sheriff’s Office more transparent and responsible through moderate and socially progressive law enforcement policies. A hard-working and community-oriented leader, Jerry’s top priorities aim to make Hall County safer, with an emphasis on improving community relations, ending profiling and community marginalization as a result of ICE’s policies, and strengthening the sheriff’s office workforce. Latino Victory Fund is proud to stand with Jerry for Hall County Sheriff, and to ensure we help law enforcement leaders who will lead with empathy and put the needs of the people first.” 


The Latino Victory Fund is a progressive political action committee with the mission of growing Latino political power by increasing Latino representation at every level of government—from the county board to the Senate to the White House.

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