Latino Victory Fund Endorses Lucia Báez-Geller and Sabrina Bousbar for Congress

Washington, D.C.—Latino Victory Fund announced the endorsement of Lucia Báez-Geller for Florida’s 27th Congressional District and Sabrina Bousbar for Florida’s 13th Congressional District. 

Statement on Lucia Báez-Geller from Sindy M. Benavides, Latino Victory Fund President & CEO: 

“We need more educators in Congress who understand the value of an education, especially for underserved communities, and who know there’s an urgency to protect our democracy in these challenging times. Lucia has been a staunch advocate as an educator and a state legislator. Her priority policies will strengthen her community and ensure Latinos and all Floridians in her district have the opportunity to live the American Dream. In Congress, Lucia will fight to pass economic policies to help working families achieve financial stability, and support policies that protect democracy, fight voter suppression, and protect the environment, all key issues for Floridians. Latino Victory Fund is proud to support Lucia Báez-Geller for Congress and looks forward to seeing her increase the Latina bench in the U.S. House.” 

Statement on Sabrina Bousbar from Sindy M. Benavides, Latino Victory Fund President & CEO: 

“Sabrina has a storied, proven track record of public service and community leadership. She was one of the countless government officials working tirelessly to help Americans survive the COVID-19 pandemic, proving her resourcefulness and steady hand in moments of crisis. Sabrina has the grit and passion for serving others that we need in Congress during these challenging times. Her experience in preparedness and recovery has been invaluable to our country and she will continue to serve her community by advocating for abortion rights, and environmental protection and addressing the climate crisis affecting Floridians. She supports policies that will help resolve the affordability crisis and strengthen the economy, key policy issues that will help working Americans and underserved communities. Latino Victory Fund is proud to support Sabrina to ensure we have a powerful advocate for Latinos and Latinas in Congress.”  


The Latino Victory Fund is a progressive political action committee with the mission of growing Latino political power by increasing Latino representation at every level of government—from the school board to the Senate to the White House.

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