Latino Victory Fund Endorses Joe Biden for President

ATLANTA, GA – Latino Victory Fund is proud to announce the endorsement of President Joe Biden in his re-election campaign. 

Latino Victory is the first national Latino organization to endorse President Joe Biden for re-election. In 2020, the organization was also the first national Latino organization to endorse him, just ahead of the Nevada Democratic Caucus.

The Board Chair of Latino Victory Fund, Luis A. Miranda, Jr., said “Our community needs real leadership – not a carnival barker shouting nonsense catchphrases. The former President left our country in chaos and led with bigotry, lies and Covid denial. With overwhelming support from Latino voters, we elected President Biden who has worked hard to repair our wounded nation and put it back together. He has worked hard to rebuild our economy, creating a record number of jobs, and investing in America’s future – better education, higher paying jobs, accessible, affordable healthcare–including reproductive healthcare and family planning. He has the values to know what our country needs, and the experience, proven track record, and wisdom to deliver, which is why Latino Victory is proud to endorse President Joe Biden for reelection.”

The President and CEO of Latino Victory Fund, Sindy M. Benavides, said “We stand with President Biden and Vice President Harris because they stand with Latinos and champion policies that make our community stronger. President Biden’s policies have strengthened the economy, expanded health care access, and created jobs, and these results are helping millions of Latinos thrive. Thanks to the Biden/Harris Administration, unemployment hit record lows and job creation hit a record high, and more Latinos have health insurance than ever before. He made good on his commitment to expand Latino representation in his administration by appointing four Latinos to his cabinet, including two historic firsts. It’s a no-brainer— President Biden and Vice President Harris are the best choice for Latinos.” 

Benavides added, “Latinos have not forgotten the fear we lived under Donald Trump’s reign of terror, his racist policies hurting immigrants and communities of color, and the MAGA-led economic downturn during the pandemic. Latinas watched in horror as our reproductive rights were pulverized by the MAGA-Trump-appointed SCOTUS. We cannot afford to lose one inch of the progress gained under President Biden after four years of Trump’s economic and democratic decay. Latino Victory is ready to mobilize Latino voters to vote for President Biden in this high-stakes election. Our Latino community’s progress and our nation’s democracy are on the line.” 


The Latino Victory Fund is a progressive political action committee with the mission of growing Latino political power by increasing Latino representation at every level of government – from the county board to the Senate to the White House.

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