Latino Victory Project Statement on Biden Administration’s 2nd Year in Office  

Washington, D.C. — Latino Victory President and CEO Nathalie Rayes issued the following statement on the Biden-Harris administration’s second-year accomplishments: 

“Since President Biden and Vice President Harris took office two years ago, our country has been on the right path toward a stronger, more prosperous nation with opportunities for all. Thanks to policies that benefit working families, help grow the middle class, create jobs, combat climate change and expand and protect safety nets for those who need them most, including seniors and children, our nation is on track toward a robust economy that works for everyone. Since President Biden took office, 10 million jobs have been created, more families and seniors have access to affordable healthcare, lower-priced prescription drugs,  and the top 1 percent wealthiest will pay their fair share of taxes, like every working American family.”  

“As we recognize the Biden administration’s many successes, we must also recognize that there’s still work to do. One of the most important issues facing our country, and that deeply impacts the Latino community, is immigration. We need comprehensive immigration reform that centers on humane and compassionate policies, provides a pathway to citizenship, protects DACA recipients, and gives people fleeing violence, economic devastation, and persecution the right to asylum. While the Biden administration has taken important steps to resolve this issue, this isn’t a one-branch solution—we also need Congress to act and pass legislation.  We look forward to  the Biden administration continuing to lead this country with common-sense policies that expand opportunity and inclusion and strengthen our economy.” 

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