Latino Victory Statement on Two-Year Anniversary of the January 6 Insurrection Incited by President Donald J. Trump 

Washington, D.C. — Today marks two years since the deadly assault on the United States Capitol and the vicious attack on our democracy. Incited by former President Donald J. Trump, the January 6th insurrection failed to stop Congress from certifying the election of President Joe Biden. Latino Victory Fund President & CEO Nathalie Rayes issued the following statement: 

“Two years ago today, former President Trump incited a violent attack against the United States Congress to stop President Biden’s certification as the rightfully elected president of the United States. The insurrection caused irreparable harm to our nation’s democracy. It cost the lives of law enforcement officers who fought bravely to defend the U.S. Capitol, it put the lives of all those who work in our nation’s Capitol, especially members of the House and Senate as well as their staff, in danger, and it exposed the fragility of our democracy and the need to protect it even more. Two years later, we’re witnessing this Republican dysfunction at its worst as they keep the people’s House in a deadlock, unable to govern or conduct the business of the American people, and putting our nation at risk.

“On this somber day, we must reflect on the harm that GOP extremists have done to our democracy, either by their actions or omission, and acknowledge that elections have consequences. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the police officers who lost their lives defending our democracy, the members of Congress, their staff and families, and all those affected by the violent acts of the January 6th insurrection.” 

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