Latino Victory Project to Host Path to Victory Training in Florida on August 4-5

WASHINGTON – This weekend, Latino Victory Project will host a Path to Victory training in Florida. In collaboration with local partners Florida Rising and Alianza for Progress, Latino Victory will empower Latino leaders to run for office and provide the tools necessary to run successful campaigns. The training is expected to bring forth Latinos from across the state, marking the highest number of participants for the Path to Victory training. After the training, current and former Latino lawmakers from Florida, will take part in a panel to discuss Latino political power and the importance of increasing representation. Participants include; U.S. Rep. Maxwell Alejandro Frost, state Rep. Johanna López, and former state Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith.  

The Path to Victory trainings will take place on August 4th and August 5th in Orlando, Florida, with support from national partners National Democratic Training Committee, Pipeline Fund, and Run for Something.  

“After hosting Path to Victory trainings in Texas and Wisconsin, Latino Victory is excited to host its latest training in Florida. There is a hunger in Florida to shape and strengthen democracy that reverberates across the country and sends a strong message that we will not stand idle as a political party implements a strategy of divisive politics. From South Florida to the Panhandle, progressives are making their voices heard amid conservative attacks against education, members of LGTBQ+ community, immigrants, and people of color,” said Sindy Benavides, Executive Director of Latino Victory Project. Latino Victory is committed to building a bench of progressive Latino leaders who will fight against these attacks and, in turn, strengthen our democratic values. We are humbled to be in the community with Florida Rising, Alianza for Progress, Congressman Maxwell Alejandro Frost, state Rep. Johanna López, and former state Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith as we equip Latino political hopefuls towards the fight for a more just and equitable Florida.” 

Florida has become an ideological battleground in which ‘anti-woke politics’ serves as the latest branding to uplift an unjust, inequitable and anti-democratic, multi-layered system of flawed institutions in the protection of white supremacy and corporate greed. Florida’s New Majority; the working class, and Black and Brown communities throughout this state are vastly impacted by the racist, classist, and sexist policies and practices promoted and amplified by the extremist right-wing agenda.” said Sheena Rolle, Senior Director of Strategy of Florida Rising. At Florida Rising, we believe in building political power rooted in everyday people who are suffering from skyrocketing housing costs, blatant discriminatory laws around gender and sex, inhumane statewide standards, bans on our bodies, violent immigration laws, voting discrimination, and a climate crisis that we know disproportionately impacts historically marginalized communities. We support Path to Victory and the intentional work around shaping stronger representation for Latinx voices and all Brown people in the struggle. We are here for a brighter future within the Sunshine State. Together, we Rise.
Alianza for Progress released the following statement: “With the growing population of Hispanics in our counties, our state, and our country, it is essential that our representation also grows. For that representation to be possible, Alianza provides, together with Latino Victory and other organizations, the necessary knowledge and experience so that we have leaders who effectively represent our communities.”


Latino Victory Project develops a pipeline of Latino leaders and shapes public discourse to reflect the growing influence of the Latino community while also building cross-constituency alliances that can move the country forward.

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