#thefirsts – Christian Ucles

In the 2000 election my mot12716300_10156447477765507_8430217807874121693_oher and I became the first in our family to vote in the Iowa Caucus.

I was born in Honduras and came to the United States when I was 7 years old. I spent 8 years as an undocumented immigrant. Growing up, we lived in fear, and I saw friends and family get deported to one of the more dangerous countries in the world.

Because of the sacrifices my mother made in the early-mid 80s when she came to the U.S., she and I eventually became naturalized citizens.

I could hardly grasp the enormity that only a decade earlier I was a child running through the poor streets of Honduras and now, here in Iowa, I had the opportunity to cast a vote for the next President of the United States.

Today as the Political Director for LULAC’s Iowa Chapter, I fight to make sure that one day other families have that same privilege.

It is important that all Latinos be civic minded and engaged. I’m proud to work in Iowa to identify new Latino voters and to train the next generation of Iowa Caucus goers.

I hope my story motivates other Latinos to participate in the democratic process and stand up for the millions of members of our community who don’t have the right to vote and make their voices heard.

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