We are with Hillary!

By Cristóbal J. Alex, President of Latino Victory Fund

(Original content published in Spanish on Univision.com.)

Yesterday Latino Victory Fund announced our endorsement for Hillary Clinton for President of the United States.

Many of you might wonder why? Given that normally we only endorse Latino candidates who represent our community’s values and promote issues that are priorities for Hispanics. The stakes are simply too high in the 2016 election for Latinos to sit on the sidelines. That’s why we decided to make an exception, to stand with the best person for the job who supports the policies that are important to Latinos, and who will give us the best shot against the anti-immigrant candidates on the right. And that person is Hillary Clinton.

From the beginning of her career, Hillary has fought to empower and protect the vulnerable. She fought to give a voice to those who have been silenced and to ensure that all voices are heard and taken into account in our democracy. And that’s evident in her campaign.

Our vision for the future of this country is the same, and we know that Hillary will deliver pragmatic solutions to the problems that greatly affect the Hispanic community.

The future of our America is one in which Latinos have better economic opportunities and better jobs with a higher minimum wage – which will help better the quality of our families’ lives.

It’s a future in which our children are not getting into massive amounts of debt thanks to extremely high college tuition, which leaves them vulnerable when they’re just starting their adult lives.

It’s a future in which our children don’t have to worry about their parents being deported. Where there are protections for those who qualify for DACA, DAPA, and more. Where we approve immigration reform so that our families remain together and we can come out of the shadows and be full participants in our democracy and our society.

And it’s a future in which our communities are free of pollution – where the quality of air and water don’t make us sick any more. Where our environment is clean and we can leave a rich inheritance full of natural beauty for future generations.

The truth is that the results of the 2016 elections can take a big toll on our community’s well being. Let’s not forget that the main Republican candidate started his campaign attacking the Latino community. And the other Republican candidates didn’t come to our defense. On the contrary, they have competed with one another for the most anti-immigrant, anti-Latino positions and have completely turned their backs on our community.

The future that Rubio, Trump and Cruz envision for our country is shameful. In their vision, workplace protections are rolled back – paying us less for hard work while they make millions.

Their future takes us backwards: massive deportations, family separation, and children hiding in the shadows. In their future our environment is trashed and our health is at risk. It is a horrifying and terrifying future.

The risks are too high in the 2016 elections, that’s why we can’t be silent. Hillary is a proved leader who has demonstrated her capacity and ability to deliver results. Latinos don’t need more empty promises and policies that will be impossible to get through Congress. What we need are realistic and practical solutions that will start making our families’ lives better from day one of the new administration.

Hillary has the experience, the knowledge, the vision, and the courage that we need in this election and in the White House. That’s why Latino Victory Fund decided to take a position and proudly support Hillary Clinton for President.

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