Latino Victory Fund Announces Endorsement of Ten California Candidates

WASHINGTON – Today, Latino Victory Fund, the most influential national organization helping to build political power within the Latino community at every level of government, announced its endorsement of 10 candidates in California. Latino Victory aims to extend its support to the candidates by raising funds for their campaigns, recruiting volunteers, and educating and mobilizing voters in their districts. 

The candidates are Rudy Salas, CA 22nd Congressional District, Luz Rivas, California 29th Congressional District, Allyson Muñiz-Damikolas, California 40th Congressional District; Kim Nguyen, California 45th Congressional District; Joseph Rocha, California State Senate District 76; Mark Gonzalez, California State Assembly District 54; Dulce Vasquez, California State Assembly District 57; Frances Marquez, Orange County Board of Supervisors, District 1; Aura Vasquez, Los Angeles City Council District 10; and Mario Enriquez, Stockton City Council District 4. 

Latino Victory Fund President & CEO Sindy M. Benavides issued the following statements: 

Rudy Salas, California 22nd Congressional District 

“Rudy Salas has a storied history in the Central Valley—with a remarkable trajectory that spans from working in the fields with his family to becoming the first Latino elected to the Bakersfield City Council. Now, Rudy’s on a path to flipping the 22nd District blue, and joining the California Democratic congressional delegation that’s fighting to get things done in Washington, DC. Throughout his career in public service, Rudy worked hard to improve the lives of his community. He’s ready to go to Capitol Hill to continue expanding access to affordable healthcare, push for more education opportunities and fight for higher wages for working families. Latino Victory Fund is proud to support Rudy Salas for Congress to ensure he flips this key district blue.” 

Luz Rivas, California 29th Congressional District

“We are proud to support Luz Rivas for Congress, not just because of her legislative and public office experience, but because she’s a powerful force for change. Luz understood that once she made it to the top, going from working two jobs in high school to help her single mother pay rent to graduating from MIT and Harvard, it was her calling to turn back and help others like her succeed. We need more leaders in Congress who understand that when we empower women, we uplift entire communities, and Luz has that expertise and vision. She’ll bring a unique, refreshing viewpoint to Congress and will continue fighting for access to affordable health care, education, jobs and environmental protections.” 

Allyson Muñiz Damikolas, California 40th Congressional District

“Allyson’s a mother, an engineer and a school board member who worked tirelessly to ensure low-income students have a level playing field in education and secured much-needed increases to teacher’s salaries. She’s a leader who knows first-hand the needs of her community, and who’s fearless to get in the arena to fight to make policy changes that are inclusive and better. It’s been proven time and time again that when Latinas are in positions of power, they strengthen and empower families, children, women and entire communities. Allyson’s experience and background in engineering and as a school board member make her an ideal candidate for Congress. She’s prepared to take the next step to continue fighting for gun violence prevention, reduce the cost of living, fight for reproductive freedom and increase equal opportunity for everyone, regardless of economic status and background. Latino Victory is tremendously proud to support Allyson Muñiz Damikolas’ candidacy and looks forward to seeing her increase the Latina bench in Congress.” 

Kim Nguyen, California 45th Congressional District 

“Kim Nguyen’s experience and community leadership are unparalleled, demonstrating her desire to serve the public at the age of 25, when she made history as the youngest person elected to the Garden Grove City Council. Kim quickly established herself as a fierce advocate for disadvantaged communities, supporting policies to spur economic development, strengthen small businesses, fight for immigrant rights and reduce homelessness and crime. She’s a dedicated leader who’s more than ready to serve in Congress and will continue using her voice to reduce medical and prescription drug costs, increase housing affordability and strengthen job training and opportunities to help raise wages. Latino Victory Fund is proud to support Kim Nguyen for Congress.” 

Joseph Rocha, California State Senate District 76

“Joseph Rocha is a veteran and a community leader who’s a champion for justice and equality, fighting to repeal a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell ruling—and winning. He’s overcome insurmountable obstacles, from being homeless during his teenage years to graduating from high school, college and law school. Joseph’s first-hand experience gives him an insight on the day-to-day struggles that many families face and he knows it’s up to leaders like him to take a stand up to make their lives better. He’s primed to continue the service path he began when he joined the U.S. Navy at age 18, and advocate for those who need it most by supporting reproductive freedom, gun safety reform, fighting for working families and tackling homelessness. Latino Victory is proud to stand with Joseph Rocha for State Assembly because he’s a formidable candidate and above all, a public servant at heart.” 

Mark Gonzalez, California State Assembly District 54

“We are proud to support Mark Gonzalez for California State Assembly District 54. Mark is a long-time community organizer and public servant who has led successful voter registration campaigns. He has on-the-ground experience working directly with constituents as a Democratic organizer and as staff for two assembly members, working to help pass free community college laws, environmental justice and delivering more housing opportunities for his community. We know Mark will continue his fight in the State Assembly to increase wages to help working families, expand health care access and help eradicate the housing affordability crisis.” 

Dulce Vasquez, California State Assembly District 57

“Dulce Vasquez’s values are centered around providing opportunity for others, most notably, working to expand education access for Latinos, mentoring young women in East LA, and promoting higher education among low-income and first-generation students. She’s a tireless advocate for opportunity because she knows how critical it is for struggling families and students to access education to move up in the economic ladder and cause a positive ripple effect for future generations of Latinos. Dulce’s steadfast commitment to her community and her experience are key traits that make her an ideal candidate to serve in the State Assembly. Latino Victory is proud to support Dulce to ensure she continues her formidable work for the community.” 

Frances Marquez, Orange County Board of Supervisors, District 1 

“Latino Victory Fund is proud to endorse Frances Marquez for Orange County Supervisor. She’s a hard-working public servant who is running to strengthen the county’s accountability and ensure its communities have access to resources. Frances has demonstrated a deep-rooted commitment to public service, having served as a Cypress City Council member, during which time she led efforts to protect families and small businesses during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. She’ll provide a powerful voice for the county’s taxpayers and a tireless advocate for its hard-working families.”

Mario Enríquez, Stockton City Council District 4

“Increasing Latino representation in city councils is key to ensuring our community’s represented in one of the most consequential governing seats where decisions that impact the people’s day-to-day lives are made. Mario has been working in public service for one decade and he has a deep commitment for serving his community. He’s gained invaluable experience and leadership skills needed to serve as a member of the City Council, where he will focus on public safety and health, improving infrastructure and strengthening the local economy, and increasing job opportunities. Latino Victory Fund is proud to endorse Mario Enríquez for Stockton City Council.”

Aura Vasquez, Los Angeles City Council District 10

“Latino Victory Fund is proud to support Aura Vasquez for Los Angeles City Council in this historic race. Aura exemplifies the ideal city council representative—she has a profound desire to serve her community and to improve the quality of life for all constituents. She’s a force for good who has advocated for environmental justice, increasing job opportunities, supporting labor rights, and affordable housing, all top priorities that will ensure District 10 thrives. Increasing Latina representation in city halls across the country is key to the success of our community, and dedicated leaders like Aura Vasquez are paving the way for equal representation. Aura would also be the first Afro-Latina in the Los Angeles City Council, an historic feat that will move the needle forward for Afro-Latina representation.” 


The Latino Victory Fund is a progressive political action committee with the mission of growing Latino political power by increasing Latino representation at every level of government – from the county board to the Senate to the White House.

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