Latino Victory Fund Endorses Texas Slate

Influential national organization announces support for 10 candidates at every level of government to grow political representation throughout Texas

WASHINGTON – Today, Latino Victory Fund, the most influential national organization helping to build political power within the Latino community at every level of government, announced its endorsement of 10 candidates in Texas. Latino Victory aims to extend its support to the candidates by raising funds for their campaigns, recruiting volunteers, and educating and mobilizing voters in their districts. 

Latino Victory’s President and CEO, Sindy M. Benavides, made the following statement:

“This election cycle could not be more critical, which is why Latino Victory Fund will continue to  engage the Latino electorate and ensure we have representation at every level of government.  As we face one of the most consequential elections in our lifetimes, we must grow Latino representation at the federal, state and local levels in Texas and nationally. We know that when Latinos are on the ballot, Latinos are energized and vote, and this year especially – when our community’s basic rights and freedoms are on the line – we are excited to have a robust slate of Latino candidates who will represent our needs and values.”  

Latino Victory endorsed the following candidates:

  • Sen. Roland Gutierrez – U.S. Senate
  • Congressman Greg Casar – TX-35
  • Michelle Vallejo – TX-15
  • Rep. Victoria Neave Criado – State Senate SD-16
  • Cassandra Hernandez – State Representative HD-115
  • Kristian Carranza – State Representative HD-118
  • Rep. Penny Morales Shaw – State Representative HD-148
  • Celia Israel – Travis County Tax Assessor-Collector
  • José Garza – Travis County District Attorney
  • Oscar Ugarte – El Paso Sheriff

Latino Victory released the following statements in support of the endorsed candidates:

Sen. Roland Gutierrez – U.S. Senate

“Senator Roland Gutierrez has dedicated his life and career to fighting for positive change in communities across Texas. As the son of Mexican immigrants, and as an attorney, husband, and father, he has fought for working families by increasing funding for local infrastructure to build economic opportunities, lower healthcare and prescription drug costs, and for important policy reforms from San Antonio to Uvalde, to the border. He is a true advocate for our communities and will stand up to GOP extremists and their policies that hurt Latinos, immigrants, women, the LGBTQ+ community, and children.  Latino Victory Fund is proud to endorse Senator Gutierrez for U.S. Senate.”

Congressman Greg Casar – TX-35

“Congressman Greg Casar is a champion for working families. He began his activism in college, organizing with other students and staff to force the university to pay its workers a higher living wage. As a member of the Austin City Council, he led successful efforts to clear the decades-long backlog of sexual assault evidence, close inexcusable tax loopholes for the wealthiest, fund affordable housing and public transportation, and keep the East Austin Planned Parenthood open despite attacks by right-wing officials. With our democracy on the line, we need members of Congress like Greg Casar who have stood up to defend immigrant rights and civil rights. Latino Victory is proud to support him in his reelection because we know he will continue to fight to end economic injustice, address our climate crisis, and push back on attacks against the Latino community.”

Michelle Vallejo – TX-15 

“Michelle Vallejo brings on a wealth of experience to represent Texas’ 15th Congressional District. As the daughter of immigrants, a small business owner, community advocate, and co-founder of two nonprofit organizations, she has been a fearless advocate for underrepresented and neglected people. When elected, she will become the first Latina Democrat  to represent the seat, fighting to support economic development for working families, improved healthcare access and educational opportunities and a fair democracy for all. She is the people-powered candidate South Texans need, and Latino Victory is proud to endorse her.”

Rep. Victoria Neave Criado – State Senate SD-16

“Latino Victory is thrilled to endorse Representative Victoria Neave Criado, a leading voice in the Texas Legislature who’s fighting for education and economic justice, as well as democratic rights and freedoms. As a daughter of immigrants and the first in her family to graduate from college, she knows the value of a good quality education for all children. She has fought back against Governor Abbott’s radical right-wing agenda on all fronts – including his taxpayer-funded private school vouchers and laws that promote racial profiling and attack people of color and the LGBTQ community. Neave is running for Senate District 16 because she believes in the importance  of passing laws in Texas that reflect the values of her diverse district, and this is why Latino Victory is proud to support her.”

Cassandra Hernandez – State Representative HD-115

“Cassandra Hernandez is an award-winning attorney, advocate, and a committed Democrat who is running for state representative because she knows there is a  need for practical solutions to many of her community’s challenges.  From fully funding public schools and putting a stop to gun violence, to increasing access to healthcare, ensuring strong public safety and addressing the fentanyl crisis, Cassandra is ready to serve on day one. Latino Victory is proud to stand with Casandra Hernandez for state representative. ”

Kristian Carranza – State Representative HD-118

“Kristian Carranza is a fighter. She knows first-hand the challenges of growing up in a working-class home as a daughter of a single mom. She took her first job at the age of 16 to help cover rent and helped navigate the complexities of healthcare without insurance when her mother fell ill. This life experience helped Carranza emerge stronger and more purposeful, and that is exactly the kind of fighter we need to win this battleground district. Carranza has dedicated her career to raising the voices of working families. Over the last 10 years, she has registered 10,000 voters across Texas, enrolled families in President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, and managed million-dollar budgets for candidates and causes that support the dreams of working people.  Latino Victory is proud to endorse her for state representative. ”

Rep. Penny Morales Shaw – State Representative HD-148

“Latino Victory is proud to endorse State Representative Penny Morales Shaw to continue her legacy of service in her beloved Houston community.  As a mother, business owner, former NAACP lawyer and human rights advocate, Penny has drawn on her numerous life experiences to bring diligence and courage to public office. In the State House, she serves on the Veterans and Defense Affairs Committee as well as Environmental Regulations.  Her work on education, criminal justice reform and environmental issues have had a significant positive impact across Texas – and we know there is no better champion for her community.”

Celia Israel – Travis County Tax Assessor-Collector

“Local governments are on the frontline in the fight to protect our democracy, especially government positions that involve voting and governance. Celia Israel will protect our democracy’s core principles by standing up for voter rights and a government that works for the people. She’s an experienced legislator and leader who isn’t used to backing down when facing a challenge. As a state legislator, she fought for voting rights tooth and nail, taking the fight to protect this democratic right all the way to Washington, D.C., and has been a champion of good governance throughout her career. A leader for the people through and through, Celia will ensure the tax assessor’s office is accessible to Travis County residents, and that they know their rights as taxpayers and voters. Latino Victory Fund is proud to endorse Celia Israel for Travis County Tax Assessor-Collector.” 

José Garza – Travis County District Attorney

As Travis County District Attorney, José Garza has led the effort to rebuild trust in the state’s criminal justice system. He settled the lawsuit brought by survivors of sexual assault against the previous administration, led the district attorney’s office in a multi-faceted plan for gun violence prevention, and increased the office’s conviction rate against all acts of violence to 91%. At a time when public safety is at the forefront of politics, we need law enforcement executives who can  build crucial partnerships within their agencies and in the communities they serve. District Attorney José Garza has shown through actions what elected officials can accomplish when they recognize and defend the dignity and rights of all.  Latino Victory Fund is proud to endorse him for reelection.”

Oscar Ugarte – El Paso Sheriff

“Oscar Ugarte is a prime example of how hard work and dedication can help build the American Dream and in the process, provide the opportunity to serve your community.  Ugarte is a first-generation American born to Mexican parents and raised in El Paso who explored his passion for law enforcement early on while attending Texas public schools. He has the  experience and leadership required to build trust between his officers and the community, and this is why Latino Victory is proud to endorse Oscar Ugarte for El Paso County Sheriff.”  


The Latino Victory Fund is a progressive political action committee with the mission of growing Latino political power by increasing Latino representation at every level of government – from the county board to the Senate to the White House.

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