Latino Victory Fund Congratulates Senator Alex Padilla for Winning California Special and Primary Election for the U.S. Senate 

Padilla is the first Latino to represent California in the United States Senate. 

Washington, D.C. – Latino Victory Fund congratulated Senator Alex Padilla, D-California, for winning his elections for the U.S. Senate. Padilla was on the ballot in a special election to continue serving in the U.S. Senate in the seat vacated by Vice President Kamala Harris and in the regularly scheduled race for the full six-year Senate term. 

Statement from Nathalie Rayes, president and CEO of Latino Victory Fund:

“We’re proud to congratulate Senator Alex Padilla for winning the Senate special election and primary election.  He’s a prominent voice in the Senate who’s poised to become an even stronger force for good in Congress. He’s a hard-working, brilliant leader who understands the people he serves.

“Since he was sworn in 2021, he’s been at the forefront of issues shaping our nation and that have a profound impact on the Latino community. He has advocated for policies on issues that matter to our community, including affordable housing, immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship, farm worker rights, reproductive rights, and voting rights. Latino Victory is ready to work to ensure Senator Padilla returns to the U.S. Senate come November.” 

Latino Victory has been a long-time supporter of Senator Alex Padilla ever since it endorsed him for California Secretary of State in 2014, the year the organization launched. In August 2020, Latino Victory launched the ‘Pick Padilla’ initiative, a digital ad campaign, to harness support for Senator Padilla’s appointment to the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Vice President Harris. 

Meet Senator Alex Padilla: 

  • The son of Mexican immigrants, Padilla was raised in the working-class community of Pacoima, California. His father worked as a short-order cook, and his mother cleaned houses. 
  • Padilla earned a degree in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). 
  • At 26, he was the youngest person and the first Latino elected president of the Los Angeles City Council and provided citywide leadership at critical times, including serving as acting Mayor on 9/11. 
  • In 2006, Padilla was elected to the California State Senate, during which he focused his legislative work on health initiatives, education, climate change, and infrastructure. 
  • In 2015, Padilla was sworn in as the first Latino California Secretary of State. Throughout his tenure, he worked to strengthen voter rights by increasing voter registration and participation. He was re-elected in 2018, receiving the most votes of any Latino elected official in the United States.
  • Senator Alex Padilla is the first Latino to represent California in the U.S. Senate.
  • Senator Padilla is the first Latino to chair the Immigration Subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee.